Saturday, September 22, 2007

Review - Philips HS8060 Shaver - The Best Electric Shaver a Man Can Get?

In this Reveiw we shall be looking at the Philips Nivea Moisturizing Rotary Shaving System - HS8060 Shaver - Currently available from Amazon at the price of £100, a discount of £50 from the RRP.

What's so special about this razor? - Well, Phillips do have a range of razors that have been getting rave reviews and the HS8060 is the latest in this line. The unique feature that the HS8040 and HS8020 shared with this new model is the revolutionary moisturising dispenser, which dispensing moisturising shaving foam as you shave, giving the look and feel of a wet shave. You just push a button to dispense the gel whilst shaving to get the required amount of lotion. These shavers have been selling like hot cakes as a result of this and are on the wish lists of the well groomed gent up & down the country, if not already in their bathrooms. The new feature that the HS8060 has is that you don't have to mess around refilling the razer, it refills automatically whilst in the charging cradle, all you have to do is replace the cartridge which sits in the cradle occasionally.

Plus Points - This is probably one of the only razors that can take off a few weeks of stubble as easily as a wet shave, with the closeness and smoothness of using a twin or triple bladed safety razor. Also due to the moisturising action it doesn't leave the skin at all irritated. Another big plus is the ability to use this razor in the shower, which certainly helps cut down on 'grooming time'.

Bad Points - The only drawbacks I can imagine with this razor is the funny eeee noise it makes, which is more amusing than annoying. Mildly annoying is the fact you are almost locked into buying the nivea moisturiser to refill with. Maybe not such a big deal when you compare it to the cost of shaving foam and razorblades, but no choices in what brand, so it's a good job this Nivea moisturising cream is such good stuff!

Conclusion - Well worth the money, this razor is doing stuff electric shavers have been promising to do for years - shave closer than a blade! Just wish I was in a position to buy the company!

Current pricing and availability on amazon UK-

Or just use This Link to check out the customer reviews of this shaver.

And on, this model is known as the Norelco 8060x


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Amazon are currently offering this shaver at 72.99!!! That's 50% the RRP!

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and they're double that price at!!!!