Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pocket Digital Freeview TV Comparison

MPman 3" Pocket Digital Freeview TV
Speedvision 3.5" Digital Freeview TV & Radio

These 2 pocket sized Digital Televisions with freeview both appear to offer very similair performance and value.

Both offer the ability of allowing you to use it as a freeview box for your TV by having video & audio outputs. Both also have the facility of using it as a radio receiver.

Though when getting down to the technical and performance comparisons it is obvoius there is a clear winner.

Although the MPman has a slightly smaller screen, the picture quality is superior at 960x320pixels in comparison with the Speedvision that only has a QVGA display with 320 x 240pixels.

Vision quality alone may not be enough, but the MPman also performs better in terms of receiving a signal, something that can be hit and miss in this world of patchy digital signals.

I am not alone in believing the MPman to be the superior Pocket TV, reviews of it on Amazon are overwhelmingly in praise of it.

Check out the current price below on Amazon UK for both, and feel free to look at the product reviews there.

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