Saturday, February 9, 2008

Review - Phillips Sonicare HX6932/10 Flexcare Rechargeable Toothbrush & Sanitizer

The easy conclusion would be that this power toothbrush is going to deliver the best brushing of your teeth outside of a Dentists! After making such an incredible statement I will now back it up with my findings.

This toothbrush isn't exactly revolutionary in using ultra-sound to clean your teeth as well as the brush. It also isn't the first to provide lights to indicate battery condition or lights to indicate brushing mode. In fact the only revolutionary thing about this brush is it's docking station which contains an Ultra-violet Sterilizer for cleaning your brush head after use! Maybe not that revolutionary after all you may imagine as toothbrush sterilizers aren't exactly new.

So what is so special about the Phillips Sonicare HX6932/10 Electric Toothbrush & Sanitizer?

* The Lithium-Ion battery used is far superior to the Nickel-Cadmium used in most Toothbrushes so will give longer life and will allow full charge to be attained for longer. Lithium-Ion is also more environmentally friendly than Ni-Cad.

* The Ultra-Sound may not be new, but Phillips have come close to perfecting it's use in the Sonicare HX Range. The Ultra-Sound waves provide effective cleaning and deplaqueing upto 4mm away from the brush head, reaching between your teeth and into your gums.

* The sanitizer built into the charging station is actually an awesome idea. Santizers are often overlooked, along with the germs and bacteria that breed on your brush while it sits in the bathroom for 3 months at a time! A decent sanitizer can cost half as much as this combination, whilst Phillips have included it for the equivalent of £20/$20 extra from effectively the same brush (HX6902/HX9552) without the sanitizer. The chrome front also does look pretty cool!

Anything Bad?

Well apart from the price tag, surprisingly little!

* The noise may be a little difficult to get used to at first, even for the experienced user of an electric toothbrush. After getting used to the high pitched whine, though others will swear the sound isn't unusually loud as they won't be able to hear it as it is in your head! It's the ultra-sound vibrating through your teeth and jaw to your ears and it can seem to be very loud until used to it.

* The vigorous action may also be a little too much for those not used to such a powerful cleaning action. Also it may take upto 10 uses to remember to place the brush in your mouth before hitting the on button. Until this time you'll use a lot of toothpaste when the initial blob is flicked off the brush the second you hit the on switch. Phillips have designed in a gradual increase in power for the first few brushes to get you used to the power packed by this brush.

* The UV Sanitizer is good, but it's not the best, UV bulbs will need replaced probably about the same time the warranty runs out, though the brush battery should sill have plenty of punch in it. Currently it's unclear whether the bulb can be replaced. Personally I'd prefer a Steam Sanitizer, but I'll be happy with this one and keep the number of wires and plugs down to the minimum in the bathroom!


Awesome Brush! My teeth only felt this clean previously when they were done by the dentist or dental hygienist! Some great modes for cleaning, from hurry, to thorough, to gum massage for those 'sensitive' days. My only regret is not having found a brush as good as this before!