Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gadgets for Christmas - Part #1

With only a few weeks left until Christmas are you still looking for the right gift for your gadget-loving buddy/partner/boss/etc?

I'm going to showcase a few of the gadgets I've been looking at recently from a few of the top Gadget Stores in the UK.

IWOOT for GadgetsFirst store up is IWOOT (I Want One Of Those!), they really have a great range of gadgets and some of the oddest gifts available. Just randomly surfing their website will bring up countless of new and classic gadgets. What caught my eye today was a pair of Wind-up Walk Talkies, great for the eco-geek, The Wi-Fi Watch, easily tell when you are in a Wi-Fi zone, and a USB cup warmer so that your cuppa will stay warmer whilst your distracted by your computer!

There were many items on iwoot that turned my head, but the one gadget that I have to showcase, purely on novelty value, is the Poptastic Keyfob - Electronic Bubblewrap that you can just pop & pop! For a reasonable £4.99 you can have the satisfaction of thousands of bubbles to pop with none of the waste! Everyone knows someone who gets really excited about the prospect of popping bubbles, imagine how excited they will be with one of these on their keychain!!

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