Friday, November 9, 2007

A Wind Up MP3 Player! Reviewed

Trevor Baylis launched the wind-up radio to great acclaim over a decade ago. This years launch of his wind-up Media Player has been a little more subdued, but heaven knows why as this gadget is wonderful in so many ways! It includes many additional features you would not find on any other MP3Player, such as a bright LED Torch, and a method of providing your mobile phone with an emergency charge.

Features -
1.8" colour screen.
video player
fm radio
led torch
phone charger -use the winder to power your phone!
photo viewer
ebook viewer
hi-fi recorder - Record Gigs!
memo recorder
data storage -Use it to carry and store your data files
dual power charge- USB or eco-windup

Well, the 1.8" screen isn't quite upto as high a standard as an iPod, but it is functional and still worth including. The card based memory may not suit all users, though as a flexible and easy way of transferring and carrying media it is very widely used, hard-drive based media players use a lot of their power just spinning the drive so this is obviously why they decided on a card based system. With SD-Cards available which hold 2gb widely available, you don't need many to rival the capacity of most MP3 Players.
The plus side of things obviously comes from being able to charge it up by winding wherever you happen to be. The additional features which include being able to use the winder to power up a mobile phone and including an led torch are just genius, also the FM radio is a great addition for people who wish to listen to the radio whilst on the move as well as their own library of music.
For a full review of this, including more pictures and specifications - The Wind Up MP3 Player

The Wind Up Media Player is available from All Things Green

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